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The Museum

6, rue du Général Leclerc
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Situated in a beautiful house dating from 1590, the Museum houses one of the greatest collections of Judaica in the area. The visitors will also discover the way of living in rural Alsace in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Seigniorial residence housing the museum


For 9 or 10 centuries Marmoutier gave shelter to a large Jewish community, traces of which can still be found today. The space around the abbey church, marked by the rue des Ecoles, the rue du Gal Leclerc, and the rue des Romains was a monastic area forbidden to Jews.
They lived outside this area but within the ramparts of the town.
The abbots were keen to protect and control these Jews, who were responsible for selling the produce of their land.

The cemetery
Created in 1798, this cemetery is situated a short distance from the town on the edge of the forest (it can be reached via the rue Neuve. After passing under the railway line, continue for 300m in the direction of the forest). There are some 500 gravestones.
The key is available at the Tourist Information Office (against a deposit)
Exhibition cabinet on the Jewish faith  the Torah
  Cemetery of Marmoutier