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Lochwiller Presbytery

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Rural architecture
The Land of Marmoutier nestles between the Vosges foothills and the Kochersberg. This region where the plain rises into the mountains, sometimes called the "arrière-Kochersberg", offers a delightful glimpse of the varieties of architecture imposed by climate, gradient and functionality.
Four major types of architecture: the large arable farms on the plain in the east, the average-sized farms, the small day labourers' houses and the communal houses in the
Vosges foothills.
Get back in touch with this world of traditions, artisan know-how and the heritage of our ancestors which has come down to us over the centuries.
This trail through several Alsatian villages is a journey of discovery which will help you to understand the architectural and ornamental differences of residential buildings in the
Land of Marmoutier.
Trail available in the Heritage Guide on sale at the Tourist Information Office for € 2.

Protective niche

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Popular devotion
The Christian religion was omnipresent in the lives of the rural population. Country folk would blame divine wrath for all the unexplained scourges to which they were prey: epidemics, illness, bad weather and famines.
In order to teach the faithful to protect themselves, the Church put a system of celebrations and benedictions in place, which sanctioned every act in daily life from birth to death.
Testimony to this religious fervour, a great number of bildstocks, wayside crosses, oratories, chapels and niches containing effigies of saints were erected in villages to  pay homage to God, the Virgin and the saints.
Land of Marmoutier is an area which is exceptionally rich in beliefs and testimonies to this popular devotion. This trail is a journey of discovery into a heritage unique in symbolism, which is sometimes forgotten.
Trail available in the Heritage Guide on sale at the Tourist Information Office for € 2.

Schwenheim Church

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Each town and village in the Land of Marmoutier invites you to explore its heritage using a trail that identifies and locates all of the noteworthy sites on a map.
A signboard summarising all of the interesting features in each village has been set up close to each village hall.
Each village in the
Land of Marmoutier conserves traces of a fertile historical heritage and by following this trail you will be able to visit this legacy of past times.
Trail available in the Heritage Guide on sale at the Tourist Information Office for € 2.

Hot-air balloon

The free balls of Bastberg

Possibility of thefts of introduction and maiden flight in hot-air balloon.
Conditions: notion of security, conditions weather forecast, timetables of not very definite thefts.
Prices : 30 membership per capita and a year and 150 euro of expenses of functioning per capita and by theft.
Contact : schmitz.rene@wanadoo.fr