There is a land where nature is history...

Romanesque Facade

Exploring the Land of Marmoutier is to go in search of those men in monks' habits, the disciples of St. Colomban who later became Benedictines and fashioned our world, where Romanesque Art found its most remarkable form of expression.

The walker's path takes him through Gallo-Roman remains in the Wasserwald, through the Tannenwald forest, past various testimonies to popular devotion of the time and rural architecture, and the abbey where one can hear the strains of the Silbermann Organ.

This land of integration was the home to Jewish communities who have left us an astonishing heritage, carefully preserved in the
Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions. And so the four seasons happily succeed one another in a pageant of heritage, nature, music, summer festivals and enchanting Christmases…

The Silbermann organs - 1709
Gallo-Roman remains in the Wasserwald Flutes of the World in the Tithe Barn
Forest information centre Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions

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The Land of Marmoutier